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Brutally clever thing here...

Mar 30, 2024

Randomness - Arnold Schwarzenegger is Not a Good Guy - Madonna Screwed Up and Went All Dee Snider - The Retarded Goose and Philosophy of the Objectionable - The Curse - Emmas - Movie Talk and Social Issues

Mar 21, 2024

New Product Idea - Careful F'ing Around - Hendrie - Travis Kelce new Job? - Duped by Target - The Darkness

Mar 14, 2024

Katie Britt - TikTok Ban - Drive Thru AI - Taylor Swift Told People to Vote!!! Weekend at Bernie's or Porn Movie?


Mar 7, 2024

Podcast Production. Thanks to The Mix Group!!  - The Worst Sports Drink - The God Damn Christians - Paul is Cheating - How Far Would You Go For Something Valuable? - Is it Always Wrong to Gaslight the Elderly? - Youtube Out of Context