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It's like hanging with your friends... friends you don't want other people to know about.

Dec 16, 2015

Total Babble Star Wars Special! – The Force Awakens Trailer -Patton Oswalt on Star Wars – Don’t Have an Xwing & Landspeeders Don’t float –

___bacca with the Boss - ___bacca with the Bank – Aly Keves from  

Dec 10, 2015

Puppy Attacking an iPad - San Bernardino - Let's Start Profiling - Immigation - The Balls and Common Sense Party - U2 and Eagles of Death - Hey, Nice Tweets!! - Let's Be Rad - Elf on a Shelf - Explaining the Mumford and Sons Joke - Star Wars Soon! 

Dec 3, 2015

Lucky Strike Jam Night (David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan; Greg Bissonette) – 9 Year Old Love Letters Sexual Harassment? – Thanksgiving – Debbie Grabbed My Dong – Eagles of Death Metal/