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Brutally clever thing here...

Mar 4, 2021

Stew, Trouble in the Neighborhood? - CPAC and the Golden Trump Statue - Dr. Suess/Mr.Potato Head - Girl Turns in Boyfriend Who Raided the Capitol Building - Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood Unbroken Up? - Amazon Design Problems and a New Friend - Letterkenny

Feb 25, 2021

Dipshit Ted Cruz - Mike Lindell Getting Sued - For Whom the Stream Drops!! - Muppet Show, So Offensive!! - The Springsteen Obama Show - TV Hotel Cecil Documentary, Nathan For You; Fargo 

Feb 18, 2021

Catching Up - Political Whale Watching - Texas Blizzard - Gina Carano - Tattoo Trouble - Suckin' on Chili... Suckin on a Dog... Suckin' on Chili... Suckin' on Chili-Dog - Guy Builds a Guitar out of His Dead Uncle - Wendy's National Roast Day 

Feb 11, 2021

Catching Up (Beeps and Customer Services) - Sports Talk - Biden Calls the Unemployed - Covid 19 Numbers Starting to Go Down - Impeachment Ruse - C-Span Crazy Call - All Hail Q!! - Valentine's Day Ideas - Gorilla Glue for Your Head 

Feb 4, 2021

Catching Up -  How helpful Do You Think LAPD Was This Week? - Super Bowl Talk - Gamestop - Get a Psychic - Jason Collier - Subway Tuna and More - HollyBoob - Dad Rock