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Brutally clever thing here...

May 16, 2024

Butterfly Wings - The Portal - Boobs and Bullying

May 9, 2024

Man or Bear Continues - When You Have to Fire - Rock N Roll Hall of Fame - Priest Accused of Stealing $41,000 from Church - Elizabeth Holmes getting out of Jail Early - Guess the Celebrity Song - The Right Way to Cut a Sandwich

May 2, 2024

Body Press Lean In - Corporate Training - Kristi Noem, Dog Killer - Designer Pee Jeans

Apr 25, 2024

Biden gave Another Speech… Pause - Trump Hush Money Trial - The Darkness - Taylor Swift's New Album: Tortured Poet's Department - Flokie

Apr 18, 2024

Car Wash Park and Scarf in the Rain – Bitchalantes - Snails for your Face? Garden Hat - Amazon is Removing It's Cashierless Technology From Their Fresh Stores - Schrodinger's Douche Bag - CBS F'd up Billy Joel from Madison Square Garden -  Shut the Hell Away From Me - Total Babble Photo Quiz - Woman Steals $27,000...