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It's like hanging with your friends... friends you don't want other people to know about.

Aug 29, 2019

Catching Up - Body Parts - Piers Morgan - "I Mean" Aversion Therapy.

Aug 22, 2019

Weird Dreams - Jeffrey Epstein - Weird Phone Message - Way Better Than Thoughts And Prayers (A Good Story) - Bernie Sanders/Cardi B - Stew is on Trump's Mailing List


Aug 15, 2019

Underwear Talk - In the "News" - Asking about Money - Stew Feels Bad For The Target Girl - Stew Sees Dead People?

Aug 9, 2019

Twitter - More Shootings and Online Fighting - Democratic Debates - Biden/Tulsi - Suzi - Women Are Nuts... Reality TV - Kanye: Star Wars Low Income Housing

Aug 1, 2019

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood/Margot Robbie Should Be In All Movies - Debates - Gilroy Shooting - Jake Paul Getting Married and No One Should Care - Stew Is Dumb - Trump and Baltimore - Stew's Weird Fetish