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Mar 30, 2013

Car Woes. - Some Milana Talk. What's Trending - Please Get Us A Pornstar, Nicole. - Don't F With The IRS. - Bioshock: Infinite - The Would You Rather Game. - News: Get A Leg Up...With A Zombie Hooker. - SUADWYT: Being Human.

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Mar 30, 2013

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Mar 23, 2013

Squishy Ass - Roomate Still Sucks! - Stew gets SHOT DOWN! - No Cookies For Babs Dunk -  Games - News - SUADWYT: Lost Girl

Mar 16, 2013

Silver Linings Without the Kissing or Violence - Roomate and Sex Toys - Lady to Lady-  Game Talk - The Poo Wars - News - SUADWYT Concrete Blonde Recollection - Sorry Ginny and Randy - Some Personal Deleted scenes: rruuuurrrruuuuhhhh

Mar 9, 2013

The Roomate, Buzzing it out - Pope Thor! Calling St. Patrick's Cathedral - Babs Dunk, CHARMED!!! - Latest Addiction, Lost Girl - Tomb Raider!!! - SUADWYT - We Were Promised Jetpacks - Thor, Pro Global Warming - Little Man In The Boat. Let's Go! - Deleted Scene...Frolicy