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Brutally clever thing here...

Apr 22, 2016

Thanks to Charlie and Joe from Podcast Demastered for Being on!
Prince - Wrestling: Jon Cena. John Stewart. Raw. Chyna. - Esports - Drone Racing - Star Wars: Rogue One. Daisy Ridley - Hot Double Standard - Gross Bathroom Dude - Mom and Dad Strip Club Parents - Videogames: Gears 4. Ratchet and Clank. Dark Souls 3

Apr 13, 2016

Sex Demons - Fun Things to Do at Target and the Grocery Store - Debbie the Bit Killer - Megan Fox!!!

Apr 7, 2016

More Skippy P.B. Bites - Podcast Demastered Appearance - Stew's - Guns n Roses Reunion Here in L.A./David Lee Roth Band - Uber. White Away - Emily Ratajkowski and Her Big Dumb Kardashian - We All Have Our Prejudices... God Damn Millennials. Wrestling - The Gap Kids Ad, Racist? - Jared From Subway Got Beat Up... Oops?