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Brutally clever thing here...

Oct 26, 2013

It's our 1 year anniversary. Join us as we look back, get sentemental, and Stew wells up like a puss. And don't miss our video linked on Facebook and Vimeo. Here's to another year!!!

Oct 19, 2013

Halloween Costumes - NDLAW Day - Lappy - Supernatural Stuff: Ghosts, Evil, Possesion, UFO's, Bigfoot- Candy Habits - Halloween folklore - Shut Up and Do What You're Told: The Cooler

Oct 12, 2013

Tumbilina - No Sex Before Marriage. None? - GTA Online, The Clusterfuck Continues - Anniversary Show Coming  - Bioshock Infinite DLC - News - The Gonorrhea Bank - SUADWYT  Girl Talk 'All Day' - Barkins Disease

Oct 5, 2013

Stew, Not A Fan of Drunk Shows - GTA Online - Bathroom Dance Party - Bachelor Dude/Chick Habits - Would You Rather - News - Shut up and Do What You're Told: Iliza Shlesinger - War Paint