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It's like hanging with your friends... friends you don't want other people to know about.

Dec 22, 2017

Popping Pills and Prayers from Jesus Marijuana Talk - The Target Bit That Could Not Be - The Top 5 Annoying Words - 6 Degrees of Black Sabbath - Nicole's Brother - Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Random Stuff and Something You Never Knew About Whale's

Dec 15, 2017

FCC Did Screw Us on Net Neutrality - One of My Cohosts is a Jew(Roy and Kayla) Moore... etc. - Stew: Bus Story - Stew is a Proud Shoplifter, Apple Problems - Matt Lauer Audio - New Star Wars -...

Dec 8, 2017

California Fires - Thanksgiving - What if Your Friend's Kid Dresses Like a Whore - So Hard to Feed the Homeless - Black Friday - Russian and Drone Assholes - Al Franken/Tony Crews - Dave Grohl - Better Things!

Nov 17, 2017

Stew is a Racist? - I Hate That Kid - Phase One: Metallica - Al Franken, Louis CK - Buncha Sex Stuff - Impeach Hillary Clinton? From The Jimmy Kimmel Show - Phase Two: Air Horn - Psycho's Love Bieber - Horrible Song Talk - My Sharona!!! - Women Are Asking For it!! - Illegal Things Around The World

Nov 10, 2017

Midgets - More Shootings (Texas) - Chinese People Are Hockin' Up A Luug - Xbox One X!! - Alec Baldwin, Rose McGowan, Twitter - Charlie Sheen!! Holy God!!! Charlie Sheen - NPR Employee or Weird Food - Funky Junk - Broccoli, Bamming, Dumb Time People Bam - Axl Rose, Lisp? Mick Jagger: Don Knotts of Rock