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Brutally clever thing here...

Dec 14, 2023

Holiday Special - Beet Red - Rice - ASMR Asshole MR - Holiday Gifts - When the Cleaning Lady's Up on Your Crotch - The Worst Holiday Music: Nathan, Hear N Aid, More Cowbell, Lovely Hoffman (best) - Screaming Into a Well

Dec 8, 2023

December!! And Month Songs- Disgraceland: INXS -  The Award for Colossal Douche of the Year - There I Ruined It (Holiday Edition) - New Zealanders Are Sheep Fuckers? - Phrases to Retire Forever

Nov 30, 2023

Taking the Elderly to the Arcade - Rob Halford - Emily, The Fugitive, Flushed Her Visitor's Pass - Toys Inducted Into the National Toy Hall of Fame - Horse Gets Loose - Super Hero Character for Emily - When Winnie The Pooh Goes Bad

Nov 16, 2023

Stew Almost Got in a Fistfight - Pink Gives Away Banned Books - Two Brides for the Price of One - "Yeah, but still..." - Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Nov 9, 2023

Cat Pervert - There I ruined it: Pearl Jam - Bad When a Person is Attacked by a Dog? - Pole Dancing Skeletons - Silly Football Names/Key and Peele - Stripper Names