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Brutally clever thing here...

Mar 31, 2022

Will Smith - DAGASAM - Would You Own A Gay Dog? One Guy Wouldn't!!! - Ron Perlman on Ted Cruz - Mars Missions May be All-Female to Avoid

Astronauts Having Sex - Julia Fox

Mar 24, 2022

New Robo Mary - Am I the Asshole? (Restaurant Edition) - Dog Uh… Pic - Jen, Hot… -Trucker Convey Stalled by 1 Bike Guy! - Kanye Cancelled - Mary With The Sports Report… - Science Says Redheads Have Sciencey Advantages

Mar 17, 2022

Stew, Racist - Ukraine and McDonalds - Jussie Smollett - Dolly Parton Doesn't Rock - Pete Davidson in Space - 'Member How People Are Stupid? Poutine - Bull on The Loose in LA - Mary Social Media Bit - People Share 40 Things That Are True, But No One Wants To Hear Them

Mar 10, 2022

Old Ladies and Anonymous Fighting the Russians - Podcasting, Side Effects Include… - Ricky Schroder, Still!! - Going to Vegas? Better Get an Umbrella!! - When the Local News Fs Up - 4 Year Old Shoots at Cops at McDonalds

Mar 3, 2022

Death Penalty for Dumb Talk - Ukraine and Social Media - Anna Lynn McCord - Corey Feldman is Back!! - LA Woman Wrongfully Sent to Jail for Two Weeks -  Ted Lasso, Peacemaker, Righteous Gemstones - Kirstie Alley, Still an Asshole - Woman Finds Winning Lottery Ticket in Junk E-mail Folder - Man Fined for Pretending to be...