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Brutally clever thing here...

Feb 23, 2013

Special Guest, Trucker Dannie - Plenty of Gay - Stew: Self Therapy - Stew Comes Out (not in the way you'd think) - Game Stuff - News: There Are Farts on this Plane! - SUDAWYT: Harold And Maude

Feb 17, 2013

Drunk Twittering - LTASMI and Matt - Crutch Talk - Roomate Hell - Stew's Landlord - Nicole Thorston Super Agent Makes A Call - Game Stuff - News: It's Always Florida - SUADWYT: Why Is Stew Mumbling?- I Drowned In That Game!! - Burnie Burns/Kevin Smith - Deleted Scenes At The...

Feb 9, 2013

Milana and Roosterteeth Follow Up. Thanks!!! - The Contest: 50,000  - Dead Space 3 - Our Crutches - The Sperm Bank and Representation -  My Little...what?!!!! - Sound City - Crack Dealing Baby's in the News - SUADWYT: "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" - Stew Yells at the Listeners - My Little...what?!!!! Again.

Feb 2, 2013

Lots of fun and behind the scenes of the fun with Milana from Live Prude Girls. LOVE HER!!! We do...
- Plus talk about Burnie, Barbara and Roosterteeth. - Shut Up and Do What You're Told: "A Tale of Two Sisters"