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Brutally clever thing here...

Jan 27, 2013

Nicole…Chick Issues -  Last Week’s *Beeping* Show -  A “Conversation” With Prince - Babs Dunk, Prince’s New Drummer? - Ginny The Joker  - Elevator Asshole - Our Beloved Milana - In the News: Take It All…Caveman Style. - SUDWYT – Extended Deleted Scene At...

Jan 19, 2013

Nicole By The Numbers - Freaky Bird - Borderlands 2 Hammerlock - 40 Cents? Thanks!!! - Total Babble Tattoos For Our 5 Year Anniversary - RTX/Babs Dunk! - What To Call A Girl Hanny - Thor News Of The Week - Who Knew We'd Get Into Euthanasia? - Stare At Me !! More - Now With More deleted Scenes Than Ever!!

Jan 13, 2013

Django - RTX!!! - Special Guest, Movie Announcer Guy - Beloved Milana - Stew is a Werewolf - Spintastic - Tangela - SUADWYT: This is 40/Spirited Away - Wow, Nicole! 

The sauciest episode we've ever done.  We're allowed to swear, and we do. We also had to bleep some things out. We'll give you all the details of what was...

Jan 5, 2013

We look back on the videogames of 2012 - Thor (Nicole) has weird dreams -Stew recounts one of the times he blew it with the boss - SUADWYT
- Plus, fun-filled behind the scenes clips at the end!!! - Very game focused, but still fun for all.