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Brutally clever thing here...

Dec 29, 2022

When You Eat Lots of Bacon and Drink Lots of Booze With College Girls… -  Wrapping Up the Holidays - Elden Ring Addiction - Trump Trading Cards -  Avatar Movie - Emily's favorite Cricket Sledges of All time - Stanford List of Offensive words

Dec 15, 2022

Holiday Show, Sort of - Ethical Question - Much Holiday Music - A Very Gremlins Christmas

Dec 8, 2022

Show Follow Up - 40 Ferret Christmas song lyrics - Kanye and Twitter and Alex Jones, Oh My! - Web Designer Doesn't Want to Design for Same Sex Couples - Hot Pocket Cargo Shorts

Dec 1, 2022

Quick Stuff of the Week - Woman Sues Kraft Over Mac n Cheese - Elon and Twitter - World Cup/Can't Drink