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Brutally clever thing here...

Jul 28, 2016

Benadryl Will Kill You - Stew, Not in Gay Porn - Mad Jacker Update - Social Media and Dementia/Brain Talk- Oh, Corey Feldman... - Stranger Things (Netflix) - Do Girls Have Actual Fetishes - Carls Jr. Sexy Spots - Sex Talk - No Bare Feat - Vegetarians


Jul 24, 2016

Stew started this thing in 2012 and has had SO many co-hosts. It's like a joke at this point. He's not that tough to get along with!! He believes just about anything should be discussed on the air and sometimes says too much.

Stew's worked in entertainment and radio his whole life.

Jul 21, 2016

Jen does NOT want to be a Neenja - Ghostbusters is Really Bad - Gummy Bears as Rocket Fuel - Stew was Like a Mythbuster - NPR Moment - It's Just beets! - How do you... Wipe - Tony Robbins - Melania Trump - Dani Mathers - Mad Pool Jacker

Episode 173: Pokemon Go... Away

Jul 15, 2016

Catching up... 4th of July - Jen, Masturbation Spectator - Universal: Jostled and Spit On - Stew Got C3PO'd - Playboy Playmate is an Asshole - Dallas and Gun Control - Pokemon Go - Cell Phone Zombies - Fake Pokemon Video - Parents - Dr. on Demand

Jul 1, 2016

Brexit Talk, NOT! - Mary Elizabeth Winstead Tells a Joke - New Ghostbusters - No Vuh J J or P***y - Cosby Talk - Let's Steal A Dog?Dog Gender Test - That Seinfeld - Horace & Pete - Ray Donovan - Political Correctness - The Red Cross Poster - Hand Washing - Strippers and Dudes Judging Dudes - Twitter Blocked by Kanye