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It's like hanging with your friends... friends you don't want other people to know about.

Oct 16, 2019

Catching Up/Show Stuff - Suzi Watched Who Is America - We Have Become Idiocracy - Social Media Bikini Dickery (Kickass Masterminds are not) - Fast food Restaurants. Stew is Bothered 

Oct 11, 2019

Catching Up - Joaquin Phoenix On Jimmy Kimmel/Joker Movie - Trump, Impeachment, Unemployment, Nickleback - Jimmy Carter, The Anti-Trump - Ellen and George W Bush - Reporter Kissed - Stacey Dash Arrested - Problem Child Actually 22/32 Year old? Midget. 

Oct 4, 2019

Brain Mapping and Vaccinations - Ethics in Pregnancy and Porn - Trump is Evil - Emmy Follow Up - Next Superbowl Halftime Show/Dee Snider 

Sep 27, 2019

Area 51 - Emmy's - Trump Impeachment (Stephen Colbert) - Joe Biden, Still Feeble - When Bullies get Called Out (Greta Thunberg) - They - Most Dangerous Songs for Driving - Demi Moore Book/Kristen Bell Dax Sheppard - Florida Stereotypes Are True, But Totally Not It Turns Out

Sep 20, 2019

Dead Rock Stars of the Week - Tulsi Goes After Trump - Dog Walking Girl - Britney Spears - Trump and Vaping - Great Hack Documentary - Area 51 Raid